Big true

Big true


  1. I think mods should be scanning the comments more often. Reposts get plenty of reees, it should be easy to pick them out and remove them. Basically a redditor-based repost control system.

  2. I disagree, I understand your point, but someone being branded a normie for ever just leads to the person leaving and not improving.
    Instead of bashing people all the time and for ever help them.

  3. Reddit should show older popular posts from time to time to prevent reposting them.
    Like every 5 posts there should be an older popular post in between.

  4. تبا لك يا ايها الملعون الشريف الجميل، انت رجلٌ راءع و اتمنا ان تفرح طوال حياتك يا اخي